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SDT Advocation Services is Based Out of Nisland, South Dakota And Advocates Nation Wide for SDT’s, Disabled Individuals, Landlords.

In 2004, I was teamed with my first Service Dog, Elsa Rose. The lack of knowledge I experienced in public regarding Service Dog Teams was astounding. I learned quickly that when issues arose, there was no one Service Dog Teams (SDT’s) could turn to that would help fight for their rights as a team. In 2005, it became my passion to advocate for SDT’s and to educate the public of their rights. I have since put my passion to good use by putting myself out there to support SDT’s and I will continue to do so through this organization.
SDT’s are here to stay! – Niki

While Emotional Support Animals or Comfort Animals are often used as part of a medical treatment plan as therapy animals, they are not considered service animals under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). These support animals provide companionship, relieve loneliness, and sometimes help with depression, anxiety, and certain phobias, but do not have special training to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. Even though some states have laws defining therapy animals, these animals are not limited to working with people with disabilities and therefore are not covered by federal laws protecting the use of service animals. Therapy animals provide people with therapeutic contact, usually in a clinical setting, to improve their physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning.

There is no legitimate service dog certification or registration in the United States. Some facilities will certify the dogs they train and test, and some do not. Those certificates are the only ones that actually mean anything, and they only mean anything if you have to go to court and prove your dog is trained. They are not required, they are merely useful documentation for the dog’s training, which could be substantiated by other means. You don’t need them for public access, or housing, or flying, or anything else. All other certificates, registration, and ID’s are fake. The intent is to fool the public into thinking the dog is legitimate, when there is no official documentation for service dogs. Often times these products are used by fakers, so when you see them, it is a screaming red flag that the dog is not a legitimate service dog. This is why SDT Advocation Services verifies information of necessity before our clients are allowed an ID or Vest. All SDT Advocation Vests and/or ID’s will be marked with SDT Advocation Services.

“We are committed to fighting the scourge of fraudulent Service Dogs. These under-trained, under-controlled animals often poison the public’s perception of legitimately disabled persons and their indispensable assistants. We will not be complicit in assisting an individual to perpetuate fraud.”

This site is not intended for a substitute for legal advice. Always consult a qualified Attorney when in doubt!! SDT Advocation Services “Will Not” give legal advice.

SDT Advocation Services (SDTAS) is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to SDT Advocation Services are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. SDTAS tax identification number is 47-3996146.